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Why Sterling Nutrition Support Charity : Water Through Work For Good

Why Sterling Nutrition Support Charity : Water Through Work For Good

Who is Work for Good Charity:

Our mission is to help charities raise funds from purpose driven small businesses.

We believe that it is incredibly important to drive change socially, environmentally and economically. We have a responsibility to make a positive impact and contribute to a fairer, more equal and happier world.

We are a small team aligned in purpose, and inspired by what we can learn from each other. We have an opportunity to make a difference and this makes us proud to be part of Work for Good.

Why donate through Work for Good?

Most businesses are unaware that you need a Commercial Participation Agreement in place before you can start raising money for charity through your sales and publicising it.

This legal requirement can cause headaches for both you and the charity, due to the time and resources it takes to set up and unfortunately, many charities are forced to turn down approaches from businesses because of this.

But we think doing good shouldn’t be difficult and that’s why we created Work for Good.

Through our platform, you can create a Commercial Participation Agreement with each charity you’d like to support in just a few minutes, making the process quick and simple and most importantly, legally compliant for you both.

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