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Weight Loss Nutrition And Workout: Some Helpful Tips

Weight Loss Nutrition And Workout: Some Helpful Tips

The recipe for losing weight is simple: you need to reduce the number of calories you eat and increase your energy expenditure. This means that it is important not only to eat right but also to play sports.

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Slimming Workout At Home

Do sports help you lose weight? Definitely! To achieve maximum effect, you need to combine both strength training and aerobic – cardio workouts for weight loss. The former help keep the body in good shape. The second is fat burning and developing endurance.

Let’s dwell on cardio workouts for weight loss.

Jumping Rope – The Most Effective Workouts For Every Day

The jump rope is a great cardio exercise option for girls and men. During jumps, the legs and abs, pectoral muscles, biceps, and triceps are included in the work, dexterity and coordination are developed. In terms of effectiveness, such activity is an excellent alternative to running and one of the best workouts for losing weight. In addition, finding a rope at home and starting jumping is easier than persuading yourself to jog on the street. And the risk of injuring your knees is much lower.

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To achieve the result, start with ten jumps – and gradually work up to 10 minutes according to the scheme: 45 seconds of jumping + 15 seconds of rest.

When you have mastered simple single jumps, connect more complex ones, for example, double. Combine different combinations. Too easy? Buy a special rope with a heavy rope or a faster rope with a metal one.

It is important to jump with slightly bent knees, land on your toes, and rotate the rope with your hands, not your shoulders.

Running Is The Right Workout For Weight Loss

If you have never run, you can start with the following pattern:

  • Warm up, 5-10 minutes of brisk walking.
  • Alternate 20 minutes with 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking.
  • Cool down, 5-10 minutes of brisk walking.

Gradually change the intervals of running and walking so that in two months you can go only for jogging – and run your first five kilometres.

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 Take care of running shoes with good cushioning, start running at a slow, conversational pace, and remember to breathe – preferably deep and diaphragm.

Other Options

Start swimming. Sign up for classical or step aerobics in the gym: there, you can choose fitness exercises for weight loss for beginners. It is better to work with a trainer, he will help you create a weight loss workout program.

As strength training, effective:

  • abdominal exercises to tone your abdominal muscles;
  • squats (especially jumping out or lifting weights to tighten your glutes and hips)
  • push ups;
  • lunges;
  • strips;
  • classes with an elastic band for fitness.

There are many variations of these exercises: start with simplified versions and a small number of approaches – and gradually increase the complexity and build momentum.

Deciding what sport to go in for weight loss depends a lot on your preference: try different weight loss sports to find the right one. Doing what you like, you do not need to think about how to motivate yourself.

Getting Started – Tips For Beginners

A few simple recommendations for beginners are:

1. The question “How much sports do you need to lose weight?” incorrect. The result depends on your initial weight and individual characteristics, frequency, duration, the intensity of training, and nutrition.

2. Be sure to start your workout with a warm-up (head rotation, arms, hands, torso, knees, bending, jumping) to warm up your muscles and avoid injury.

3. Finish with a hitch – a small stretch, self-massage on a special roller, walking after a run.

4. If you have never exercised before, start your basic aerobic workout at 10 minutes, gradually increasing the duration by 5 minutes to 40–45 minutes.

5. To achieve results and not feel the undue strain, try to exercise 3-4 times a week and be sure to take breaks between workouts. Create a weight loss workout plan.

6. Follow the technique of execution, and try to do everything to the maximum, do not cheat.

7. Learn to maintain the same moderate-intensity pace throughout your workout and not take long breaks. We made an approach, rested for 10-60 seconds, and repeated.

8. Move more outside of training. Walk, ride a bike, skate, scooter. Set your standard of steps or kilometres per day – and walk it conscientiously. Try yoga and pilates. Make movement a part of your life.

9. Drink a glass of water shortly before your workout, take a few sips during exercise, and be sure to replenish the fluid loss after exercise.

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Proper Nutrition For Weight Loss

“I go in for sports, but the weight does not go away,” many complaints. We remind you again: physical activity, of course, is good. But without a thoughtful approach to nutrition, kilograms will not go away. What and how much you eat is important: the diet should be strictly balanced with protein, fibre and healthy fats such as omega-3 fish oil and MCT oil.

Sterling Nutrition provides the best supplement for weight loss. It is based on a balanced diet, avoiding sweet, salty, and fatty foods. You do not waste time and effort on choosing products, counting calories, and tedious search for suitable recipes.

Add more sports to your life, reconsider your eating habits – and you yourself will not notice how the extra pounds will go away.

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