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What You Need To Know About Fats

What You Need To Know About Fats

I hope that many of us know that fats must be in our diet. Fats are a source of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K. Immune, reproductive, antioxidant, hormonal, and other body functions depend on these vitamins. The lack of quality fats in the diet can lead to their deficiency.

When you cut out all fat, you can deprive your body of what it needs most because they serve many functions in our body. Here are some of them:

Fats Are Cell Membranes

The lining of every cell in our body is made up of lipids. It protects all life support structures that are inside the cell from the effects of harmful substances. If the cell membranes function poorly, minerals and vitamins enter our cells with difficulties; even if we use them in the form of drugs, waste products are poorly excreted.

Therefore, lovers of diets with limited fat, who take “fat-burning” drugs, should know that in this way, they do not allow their cells to function normally, keep them on vitamin and mineral hunger. And if the desired result is achieved, then with damage to health.

Fats also support the skin, eyes, and other tissues’ health, as they are part of the membranes.

Fats Help Us Breathe

Our lungs are like a branchy tree. Large bronchi to the periphery are divided into smaller ones and end with bronchioles, with bubbles at their end. These vesicles are called alveoli. They contain air. It is important for the body that the alveoli be in a straightened state all our life; otherwise, we will not be able to breathe, and gas exchange in the body will not occur – the supply of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide.

Fats support the alveoli in a straightened “working” state of surfactant, a substance that is 90% fat and 10% protein. We breathe from the moment of our birth precisely thanks to the surfactant. Therefore, the fat that we eat with food is primarily used to synthesize a surfactant to provide us with respiration and, consequently, life itself.

Cholesterol = Sex Hormones

In the body of men and women, sex hormones are synthesized from cholesterol. If there is not enough fat in the diet, the synthesis of testosterone in men and estrogen in women is disrupted. It is important that fats are of high quality, such as Organic MCT oil. The required amount of fats is different for each person, taking into account his physical parameters and physical activity type.

The Amount Of Fat Needed For A Person

In a healthy diet, an adequate amount of fat should be 30% of the daily calories.

The level of total fat that can be consumed per day for a person adheres to a 2000 calorie diet – 70 g. Of course, this number can vary from person to person. For example, experts from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) say that a person who consumes only 1,500 calories a day may need a maximum of 50-55 grams of total fat per day. Otherwise, higher or lower numbers of fats in the diet lead to metabolic disorders, provoke an increase in fat reserves in the body, and lead to health problems.

Carbohydrates, if we consume them more than our body can spend, are converted into fats. It is especially easy to recover from an excess of simple carbohydrates in the diet and not fat.

Let’s Sum Up

The right balance of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in the diet does not make people “fat.”

This is not all there is to know about fat. But this, in my opinion, is enough to be more attentive to their consumption. However, this is not an argument in favor of eating too many of them. We must focus on the quality of the fat consumed. If you want to consume high-quality fats without facing any side effects, visit our store and buy MCT oil.


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