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About us

About us



Sterling Nutrition is your trusted partner in health and nutrition. Specializing in the primary nutritional supplements that address common nutrition deficiencies, we source and provide a range of organically produced, nutritionally rich formulas that cover your body's everyday dietary needs.




In the confusingly complex nutrition market today, simplifying the choice of adequate nutrition and abundant health benefits is essential to help consumers make better decisions regarding their health. Sterling Nutrition's mission is:

"To provide quality products packing the purity of nature and abundant health benefits, we all need to live a healthier and plentiful life."
After all, heath is the greatest of wealth one can possess!




We are a UK-based brand with locally manufactured and responsibly sourced ingredients. In association with Soil Association, UK's #1 human health, environment, and animal welfare association, we aim to add to our economy's growth and progress and help build a healthier and happier nation.




Sterling Nutrition products are manufactured in the UK to comply with strict GMP guidelines. All products are manufactured in the UK to comply with strict GMP guidelines. Our products are manufactured at a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant that is accredited with the BRCGS AA-rated certification.