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Quality and Ingredients

Quality and Ingredients

Because Your Health Matters the Most

Sterling Nutrition believes in investing in quality ingredients to provide our consumers with premium products manufactured with high-quality ingredients, pure goodness, and organic ingredients wherever possible. Our supplements are:

  • Quality Controlled: we comply with the AA-rated BRCGS* guidelines to produce quality assured products manufactured on advanced manufacturing plants under strict safety protocols that ensure the consumers' protection.

(*BRCGS guidelines are AA Rated By EuroFins Food Safety Solution Ltd, Certification Body No: 9660, Certification issue date 03/12/2020. BRCGS Standards are now an essential requirement of leading retailers, manufactures, and food services worldwide.)

  • Highly Potent Ingredients: Our product formulas are created through intensive research and development processes and contain highly potent pure ingredients that maximize our products' efficacy and benefits if consumed properly.
  • Easy to Swallow Design: our capsules are designed with the view of making them easy to swallow by the users, so they do not find it difficult, annoying, or suffocating to add these simple nutrition-packed capsules to their everyday diet.
  • GMO & Allergen Free: We specialize in formulas that contain none of the genetically modified ingredients or allergens and hence assure our customers of the purity of our products.
  • Vegan /Organic Ingredients: Most of our ingredients are either vegan or organically sourced wherever possible. If in some formulas the synthetic chemicals are required, we make sure that they are only added if essentially needed to boost the health benefits of the formula and that they do not affect the consumers' health benefits in any way.
  • No Artificial Colours or Preservatives: Sterling Nutrition understands how important your health is. We, therefore, preserve the purity of our products in their purest form and avoid any preservatives, artificial colours, or flavours to enhance the taste or presentation of our products.
  • Improved Bio-solubility: The smart release formulas of our capsules release the ingredients in the body at an adequate speed that cause no harm to the digestive tract with sudden or slow release.
  • Tamper Proof Seal: Our products are packed with tamper-proof heat seals to avoid exposure to sunlight, air, and contaminating bacteria. These seals keep the products fresh, dry and add to their shelf lives.
  • Standard Packaging: Our bottles and packaging materials conform with the industry's best packaging standards and leave no room for contamination or expiration of the product.