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What You Will Notice If You Have Unsupportive Eating Habits

What You Will Notice If You Have Unsupportive Eating Habits

Have you ever heard about the word Nutrigenomics? Do you know what a tailored diet is? If you suffer from unsupportive eating habits, you should pay attention to these trends.

Did you notice that the diet you are taking every day supports your body and mind? Is your dietary regime fulfilling your body's nutritional and caloric needs? If Yes! Then are you taking healthy supplements UK or gut health supplements? Are you ignoring your body cues purposely, or you could not understand the body's reaction to the diet?

If the answer to this entire question series is "NO", then it's time to stop following any miscellaneous dietary pattern somebody told you, or you may read it from the internet. Try to understand the cues your body continuously produces if it has unsupportive eating habits.

If you follow any specific dietary pattern, don't rush to quit on it. Give your body a bit of time to get adapted to the diet. The body will not show immediate reaction against any food item, and you have to remain consistent with it for some time. Following are six things you'll notice if you have unsupportive eating habits:

  • You will feel mentally and physically exhausted

Food is meant for providing calories and nutrients needed by the body according to its daily requirements. Your body and mind both need energy, as the vehicle needs fuel. The body needs recommended amount of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, & fats) and micronutrients to perform its functions properly. The brain needs glucose to remain alert and active.

If your eating pattern is unsupportive, your body and mind cannot get enough fuel to work efficiently and feel exhausted mentally and physically. It is the first and most crucial cue your body will produce if it is not satisfied with the diet you are giving to it. Fill up the body stores with healthy foods and plenty of water to remain physically and mentally fit.

  • You will more often face depression and anxiety for no reason.

Do you believe that good eating habits are the true mood changers? Have you noticed that you feel happy even thinking about your favorite food? Yes! I noticed it.

Our body produces happy hormones (serotonin, serotonin and endorphins) whenever it attains healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, meat, nuts and seeds, yoghurt or bio-culture complex. If you are providing your body with unhealthy foods, it will suppress the release of these happy hormones, and in turn, you will feel depressed for no reason. Unhealthy or unsupportive eating can cause adverse mood swings and anxiety.

  • You keep on changing dietary patterns

If your body doesn't fit into any dietary pattern and you continuously keep on changing food patterns, it is a sign that your body and diet are both misfits for each other. The body resists an unsupportive diet and makes it inconvenient to change diet unless it gets the best match.

Suppose you are on the keto diet and your body is showing adverse gut symptoms like vomiting, abdominal cramping, diarrhea or headache; it is an indication that the body is not utilizing the keto diet effectively. Then, within no time, you fall for another dietary regime; suppose Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean diet contains a plan-based diet, seafood and gut health supplements (e.g. bio culture complex capsules to promote gut health), though recommended for good health if your body is not responding well against it means it is not for you.

  • Experiencing the signs of hidden hunger

Hidden hunger is the micronutrient (vitamin and minerals) deficiency. Vitamins and minerals are not required in large amounts as in grams. They are needed in much less quantity than in milligrams or micrograms, but it doesn't mean that they are not so crucial for the body.

Vitamin and minerals are involved in different body functions such as metabolism, muscle contraction, cell membrane transport and many more. The body in an adequate amount needs them daily. Otherwise, your body can be short of these vital nutrients.

When your body faces unsupportive eating for an extended period, you face micronutrient deficiencies like hair loss, lack of concentration, skim and muscle damage, anaemia, lack of appetite, etc.

  • An unsupportive diet induces a lack of productivity

If your body and mind are not supported by adequate nutrition, they will not let you perform well and ultimately decrease your work productivity.

If you are not actively participating in your workplace or feel that you may lose productivity in recent days, it's time to check your dietary pattern. The brain needs good fat (unsaturated fatty acids), minerals and vitamins for proper growth and development. You can feed the brain with macronutrients, micronutrients and healthy supplements UK to boost productivity and creativity.

  • Put on unhealthy weight

The body's growth and development, healthy weight management, and organ function depend on the body's nutrition. You are taking a diet full of fried bakery items, and suddenly you feel that you are gaining weight unnoticeably.

That's another sign of a mismatched combination of diet and your body needs. Some unhealthy processed foods merely deposit fat and raise blood glucose levels than usual. If you face these issues, your diet is unsupportive and not sufficient to cope with the body's challenges.

I am sure that you have heard about gut feeling. It is the intuition to sense our body needs and change the dietary path if it is not suitable.

Wrap Up

You are what you eat!

Nutrigenomics is exploring the relationship between diet and gene expression. Gene expression is what controls and rules us. So, diet directly affects the body and let the body perform according to the nature of the diet. This article was all about what you will notice if you have unsupportive eating habits. 

Unsupportive eating can cause depression, anxiety, loss of productivity, micronutrient deficiency, diminished physical and mental health. These signs show that it is time to change your dietary pattern and follow a balanced diet that must be supplemented with bio culture complex & healthy supplements UK.


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